Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission, Vision, & Values

We are dedicated to serving our community and fulfilling our Mission, Vision and Values.

Frontier Family Practice will be an essential and visible entity, in the provision of primary healthcare, to the residents of Fairfield and surrounding communities. Frontier Family Practice will be viewed by the community as a consistent, accessible source of care and compassion. Pride will be taken in providing a unique and positive approach to the healthcare needs in this rural setting. A collaborative and respectful relationship between our employees and our patients, fellow caregivers, and the community as a whole, will be maintained as a priority. Frontier Family Practice will provide patient care for all ages, including physical examination, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illness, and patient education.

Our vision is to serve as an integral part of the health care, as providers of primary care to the members of this community. The residents of Fairfield and surrounding communities will achieve better health and easier access to care because of the services provided by Frontier Family Practice.

Respect, reliability, hard work, confidentiality and compassionate care are the focus of Frontier Family Practice. We will prioritize those values in our patient care and work relationships.

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